Are You Confused About Which Solution Provider To Choose?

Hoteliers nowadays have many digital solutions to choose in order to boost their sales, online presence or cut operational costs. With these 3 important factors identified, it may be confusing when you see every provider marketing his solutions as the best and cheapest in the market.

  • How Can a Hotelier Market Their Project Requirement?

    Project Post

    Hoteliers need a marketplace where they can advertise their needs via a Project Post. Providers would search for the projects they can deliver and send their proposal to the hotelier directly, keeping in mind the requirements and limitations mentioned by the hotelier in his Project post.

  • Can You Choose From a Menu of Solutions?

    Send an Offer

    Suppose you’re a hotel and want to try a new Provider’s solution. You’d post a project on or send an offer directly to the provider via our “Search Services” section.

  • Can You Get Proposals For Your Requirements from Various Providers?

    Receive a Proposal

    The provider will send his proposal mentioning the price flexibility and solution delivery time. Hotelier’s secure their payment on, and only pay for the service upon satisfactory delivery by Provider.


Hospitality Solution Providers

Do You Want To Outsource Your Sales & Marketing?

More than ever, Solution Providers promote digital services from in-room solutions to front desk services. Solution Providers help hotels boost their business depending on every hotelier’s needs and market.

  • Do You Have Solutions But No Market?

    We Are Here For You.

    With many providers selling supporting services and solutions to hoteliers, a new marketplace is needed for the providers to market their services.

  • Do You Want to Meet Your Ideal Match?

    Find Right Partners

    This marketplace identifies what solutions are signed up hotels interested in and help connect the hoteliers with the right Solution Provider.

  • Would You Like To Get Projects From All Over The World?

    Increase Revenue and Scale Up.

    We connect you with Hoteliers all over the world so that you can focus on delivering quality projects and scaling up your business.


Why Marketplace

With, if you’re a hotelier, all you need to do is post your Project (what you need, what problem are you facing at your hotel, What service are you searching for, What budget are you expecting to pay per month, etc).

With the project published, now Solution Providers can Browse Projects and send their proposals directly to the hotelier answering their query with a solution offer.

The more Services added by Solution Providers on their profile, the more visibility their brand name and profile will receive. Same goes for projects.

  • Why Should Hoteliers Signup and Post Project Requirements?


    After a Hotelier posts a project, they can get proposals from solutions providers all over the world. Hoteliers can then choose from a number of proposals, who they want to work with.

    This saves a Hotelier, the effort required to research and request for proposals independently.

  • Why Should a Solution Provider Sign Up?

    Variety of Projects

    A Solution Provider is always on the lookout for new projects and opportunities. Sometimes, the technical aspect of the business gets so time consuming that, they don't find the time to market their services.

    Here, we come to your rescue and give you project requirements to choose from. You connect with Hoteliers directly and discuss their project and finalise your proposal.

    It's that simple.

  • How Does The Payment Work?

    Financial Handshake

    Once a Hotelier and Provider connect and there agree on working together by sending and accepting proposal, Hotelier pays the project cost to holds onto the amount until the project or phase is marked as complete. After confirming the satisfaction of the Hotelier, processes a payout to the Solution Provider. Each payout cycle is processed on a monthly basis.